Hormones may be affecting you; age takes its toll. We can help. Life is too short not to look and feel your best.

We believe that it’s important for you to Give Yourself Permission to do more of what makes you feel good, “lights you up inside,” and feeds your soul. We believe in ‘stretching’ your comfort zone; we encourage you to Give Yourself Permission to explore new paths to take your life to the next level.
In addition, more and more studies show that self-care can help improve the quality of your life — makes you happier and better able to cope with any stressful situation. The other way we make your life better is by creating self-care products that will help you ‘pamper’ yourself, love the skin you’re in, feel sexier, and increase your self-esteem. We also believe it’s just as important for you to use natural ingredients on your skin, as it is for you to eat healthy. That’s why our ingredient philosophy is ‘Safe and Simple.’

‘When You Feel Good, You Look Good.’

We will be sending you 5 Proven Ways to Look and Feel Your Best Right Now … important information for every woman to know.
This is truly about taking time for YOU and making Self-Care a priority. To be successful with this, you may need to work on changing your old habits and establishing new ones. For instance, you may be focused on helping others before thinking about yourself. If so, think about the safety features on an airplane where they talk about putting on your mask before you can help anyone else. If you want to be helpful to your friends and loved ones you need to start putting yourself first. You need to prioritize YOU.

You’ll need to begin with a basis or foundation for your self-care. We will talk about Ways to help you begin looking and feeling your best including—
1. Practice good nutrition and exercise habits
2. Make a good nights sleep a priority
3. Do something nice just for you every day
4. Choose safe beauty and self-care products
5. Ease the inflammation in your body with CBD



Stop experiencing dry skin, the negative effects of age, hormones and stress. Use Edorai products and live the life you desire!

Take control … it’s your body, your future—your life—grab it by the hand and say “Hello Life, you and I are going to be BFF’s from now on!”

Feel Desirable