Sometimes you gaze at a product thinking, “that’s nice, but who would like it as a gift?” I was recently asked this question about our Edorai “O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream (a product favorite, BTW). 

So I thought about our customers who love it, and brainstormed with my teammates, to create this list of the kinds of people in your life who would love it, too.

Our goal is to help YOU make someone in your life happy with a thoughtful gift that will absolutely be appreciated.


Consider which people in your life fit into these categories and

give them Edorai “O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream as a Gift. 


People who stand on their feet most of the day would adore it. Think doctors, nurses, hair stylists, teachers, postal workers and physical therapists. …


What a treat for anyone who loves walking, running, spinning, biking, dancing, yoga, pilates, working out … You get the picture. 


 A treasure for those who need nimble fingers, like knitters, crocheters, painters, writers, quilters and musicians. 

Seeing a pattern here?

This cream isn’t just to treat ailments.*  It’s a luscious cream for everyone who wants to give themselves—and their muscles—TLC at the end of the day.

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*Edorai “O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream works wonders for women and men (yes, men are loving it, too) with arthritis, fibromyalgia, sore knees/ pain, hand pain, back pain, neuropathy, headaches, sore muscles, leg pain, achy joints, foot pain and /or plantar fasciitis.

Kind words from “O, So Nice!” Cream customers

jetta2hanover (verified owner)  

I rub O, So Nice cream on my feet in the morning before putting my shoes on and my feet feel sooo much better in my shoes at work. When I come home at night and unwind watching a little television I again rub O, So Nice cream on my feet and calves to help me with aches and restless legs. It also helps with neck pain and my lower back pain. I can’t live without it now!

patzalinski (verified owner)  

Love this cream,… Now I can do all the activities I enjoy.

Joanne (verified owner from Women’s Event)

“I have arthritic hands from years as a typist. I couldn’t open jars. I couldn’t grab things…I rubbed ‘O, So Nice’ on my hands, and put it on at night. It was amazing…”O, So Nice” absolutely improved my life.” — Joanne

Kathleen Hanover (verified owner)  

I was lucky enough to catch Holli’s attention when she was looking for help with her website. As part of my market research, I tried a sample of her product “O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream. Having tried other CBD creams in the past, I have to admit that my expectations were not high. So I was honestly shocked at how effective “O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream is. It completely relieved the plantar fasciitis pain I’ve had for months! With “O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream I’m able to painlessly do the foot stretches and exercises that I used to avoid, which is finally helping my foot heal. Unlike many of the other creams, balms and salves that I’ve tried, “O, So Nice!” does not smell like medicine. It just works like medicine! (Actually, even better than medicine—no side-effects or upset stomach like with NSAIDs.) Also, unlike other things I’ve tried, “O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream is completely absorbed into my skin. It doesn’t just sit on top or leave a greasy film that gets on my clothes. As a marketer, I have to say it: these reviews are not hype. This product really is the best CBD pain relief cream I’ve tried to date. It’s worth every penny, and I recommend it to anyone who suffers from pain that affects your quality of life. I’m now a very happy Edorai customer!