Looking for the perfect gifts for the Women in your life who have everything?  Need a list of gift ideas for the women who have everything? Let’s Go.

This guide isn’t full of a lot of fluff, or items that only look good in your pinterest or instagram feed. This is a list of gifts that will put a smile on any woman’s face. They will make her more savvy, more empowered, feel better, and love the skin she’s in!

Keep scrolling to see the full list of perfect, and sometimes practical, gifts for the women in your life who have everything!

Gift Ideas for Women who have Everything


Sleep is under-rated and yet so important for all of us to look and feel our best! I truly value a good night’s sleep. For the Women in your life who find that the light wakes them up early, or they have trouble falling asleep,  this sleep mask is great to block out the light. It’s also great for a little cat nap, or for a long airplane flight.  A great gift for the woman who has everything!


This is a fabulous gift for the women who have everything — it’s something they most likely would not buy for themselves. Yet this heated foot warmer is great not only for pampering but also to help sore feet and muscles feel better. The manufacturer says, “It provides for a variety of uses: the fast heating technology provides unmatched warmth and pain relief to cold feet, saving feet from poor circulation, arthritis and cold floors; in addition, it’s perfect for treating sore muscles in the back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and arms.”


Most Women Want to Look Better and Feel Better so we create Nature’s Best, Cutting Edge products that help them become the best version of themselves!  If you’re wanting to buy the woman who has everything something more unique and exciting, Edorai individual products and product bundles are the answer.  “We created the Edorai product line as an exciting, leading edge, “woman-centric” alternative to the ‘same old same old’ synthetic products on the market today.  The goal was to create products that were cruelty-free with safe, natural, effective and simple ingredients. The products at Edorai make a woman feel good, love the skin she’s in, feel sexier, and help increase her self esteem.
We are so ‘plugged’ in as a society that a lot of women have become disconnected from their bodies. Our products are a simple way for them to connect, put themselves first, and feel pleasure.” Give a gift from Edorai today and you’ll be getting Rave Reviews!

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If one of the women in your life works on her laptop while watching her favorite television shows or Hallmark Movies, this portable laptop desk is a fabulous gift.  It  will help put the computer at a better angle for her, will keep her thighs from burning, and it isn’t great to put laptops on fabric because the fan won’t work properly. It’s a win-win all the way.


I heard this quote for the first time while watching a movie.  It just is so profound when you think about it — date someone is born dash date someone died. Your life is the dash and what you do with it. Keeping track of momentous things that happened in your dash is great, and this journal  makes a wonderful gift idea for women who have everything! They will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Just recently when I was rushing to get to the airport, I hopped in my car, turned the key in the ignition and … nothing. Yup, the worst possible timing. There was literally no one around to come and jump start my car. I checked Uber and it would have been over $150 to get me to the airport. Luckily a friend helped me out with a ride so I could make my flight.

This experience taught me that I needed to learn how to jump start my own car. Most of us (women) are a little afraid of jumping our own cars but this car jump starter is easy and safe to use. What a wonderful gift idea for Women who have Everything!  And … it could just save them a little panic time when they are heading off to something important but their car won’t start.

7. ‘PAWS FOREVER IN MY HEART’ sterling silver necklace with 2 chains

 Have any women in your life who are dog lovers? This is the perfect gift for those who have had a special fur baby. Guaranteed to put a smile on any dog lover’s face, this necklace:     is 100% Sterling Silver made in the USA and comes with 1- 18″ sterling silver chain, 1- 18″ black cord with sterling silver clasp and is presented in an attractive gift box with a little  card. The card says: 

“Every once in a while a dog comes into your life, steals your heart and changes everything.” You know – the one where you realize that you truly love this little fur ball so much that if something happened to them, you truly could feel your heart shatter into a million pieces. They nestle deep into your heart where almost no one else can go. This necklace is a symbol of that special love. 

Sale price now only $40 with sterling silver chain, black cord with sterling silver clasp, and gift box.

8. THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL JOURNAL: A Woman’s Blueprint to crafting meaningful moments, unforgettable adventures, and memories to last a lifetime.

If you have been searching for gift ideas for women who have everything and you know they enjoy traveling, this travel journal is the answer!  As the name suggests, this is a journal plus so much more. It’s really like two books in one ~ a planner and a journal. In the many chapters of this “book,” your gift recipient will  discover Planning sections, Checklists for pre-vacation needs and packing, Useful apps and websites, Tips to Enjoy their vacation to the ultimate degree, A fun and flirty Daily Journal with prompts so they will remember all the exquisite moments of their trip, and so much more!  A perfect gift for the women in your life who travel.


For the environmentally and health conscious women in your life, this cloth is great to help get all the chemicals out of the home and save the environment.  Because it is made of a durable fabric, the cloth can be washed and reused, hence, reducing waste in the environment. The Empress Cloth just needs to be wet, then wrung out, and then it’s ready to clean and wipe — this advanced generation of microfiber cloth polishes as it cleans with just water!  Oh, and did we mention it’s also great for cleaning electronics and cars?

10. INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE COFFEE MUGS — they can be personalized

Know any Women who drink Coffee or Tea? We love the 15 oz. size Mugs because … well, 11 oz. is simply just not enough. For all the coffee and tea drinkers in your life these mugs make a wonderful gift!  Thoughtful and personalized mugs speak to their recipients on a personal level, making them feel special. Plus, mugs are universally functional gifts, even if you’re not a coffee or tea drinker. If you want to make this even more special, you can embellish this gift by placing more items inside, such as pens, pencils, coffee bag or tea bags, chocolate or candies, a gift card, movie tickets, jewelry, a watch, or … only limited by your imagination.


Wanting to show the women in your life that they deserve time for themselves? The perfect gift, this book  is great to show women how to be nice to themselves each and every day. Taking care of yourself— there’s nothing sexier. Teach them how to spoil themselves with the Little Black Book — taking 20 or 30 minutes a day to indulge in one of these Sassy Suggestions or Guilty Pleasures is incredibly good for your mind, body and soul.


EASY PEASY — Get the Women in your life a certificate for a massage at a spa, or with a masseuse who comes to the home. You can give a full body massage, a foot massage, stone massage, special aroma therapy massage, … there will be a full menu of choices for you to choose from. The Women in your life will be extremely thankful for this relaxing and enjoyable gift!

13. ‘Edorai’ GIFT CARDS

When you are exhausted from your search for gift ideas for women who have everything, an Edorai Gift Card   is the answer. Give her instant happiness and let her choose her own gift from the ‘Edorai’ collection. You will get many thanks for being so thoughtful. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of Gift Ideas for Women who have Everything!  If you enjoyed anything in particular, please let us know in the comments! 

Full Disclosure — Enthroned Empress, Inc., our parent company, has designed and manufactured many of the products listed above, and the Amazon products have affiliated links.