• The ‘You’ll Be Smiling in the Morning’ Bundle

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  • The ‘Lady’s Night’ Bundle

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  • The ‘O, So Very Nice’ Bundle

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  • 'Pamper Me' Bundle

    Edorai ‘Pamper Me’ bundle

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  • Soothing Cream and Foot Cream

    Edorai ‘O, So Nice!’ Bundle

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  • Gifts for Women who have Everything

    Edorai ‘Spoil Yourself’ Bundle

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  • Woman can Sleep Better

    Edorai ‘Sleep Better’ Bundle

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  • The Ultimate in Self-Care

    Edorai ‘You are Enough’ Self-Care Bundle

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  • Mom’s Survival Gift

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Why You Will Love Buying from Edorai

We understand what it’s like not to look or feel your best.  If you have issues associated with aging and hormonal changes, I can help—our products have been specifically formulated for women.  

It’s so easy to shop our store. We are very clear on what the products are, what they do, and how you can purchase.  It’s simple to work with us. It’s simple to look and feel better!


❄️ does what it claims to
❄️ is as natural as possible
❄️ provides additional health benefits
❄️ makes a woman feel good about herself

Give Yourself Permission to Indulge

pamper and delight your body … from the outside in!

All our products are produced in an FDA registered facility; using ingredients that are as natural as possible while still maintaining their integrity. Because our products are aimed at women, we pay special attention to ingredients that are beneficial to a woman’s body.

Our ingredient philosophy is Safe and Simple.

At Edorai one of our great commitments to our customers is complete transparency. If it goes into the product, it goes on the label insert. No exceptions!

The ingredients that we’ve chosen to use in each and every product are there for a reason. Every ingredient is there to aid in increasing the effectiveness of the product or to protect and preserve the integrity of the ingredients.

We have chosen to be environmentally conscious as well, so we use no extra packaging. In addition, our products are cruelty-free and free of parabens, phthalates, silicone, propylene, glycol, mineral oil and sunscreens.

Once you try our Edorai line of products, our hope is that you will love them as much as we do. We are product snobs who enjoy the best. Each new product is approved and released only after it’s been rigorously tested (fun!) and we believe every woman who uses them will adore them too.

EXCITING NEWS — The name of our company has been changed to Edorai. As time went by, I realized the name O Yes didn’t begin to describe the mission of helping women become the best version of themselves. After much thought and group discussions, the name Edorai was born. The name is very symbolic for two reasons:

The name Edorai is made up of the 3 women who have inspired me to become the best version of myself — my mother Elaine, my grandmother Dora, and my daughter Dani.

And the Snowflakes … ah, the beautiful snowflakes. Each snowflake is unique and beautiful just like each Woman is unique and beautiful! Our hope is that the name and the snowflakes will represent the embodiment of Empowerment for Women.