Besides being pleasurable, having orgasms is healthy for you and good for your self-image.

Oxytocin called the “ love hormone” is released during an orgasm. As oxytocin rises the endorphins in your body rise as well. Study after medical study show that sexual wellness and frequent orgasms have enormous physical and emotional benefits.

Health Benefits of having an orgasm— 

An Orgasm can:
Improve Your Mood
Help Relieve Tension and Stress (which can help lower blood pressure)
Help with Insomnia so you Sleep better
Help Relieve Pain
Help with Improved Heart Health
Can Help you Live Longer
Help with blood flow, which includes the flow to your brain. And ladies, the blood flow under your skin during arousal makes your skin glow and helps you look younger.

And even more benefits:
Boost your immunity
Improve Intimacy
Strengthen pelvic muscles Burn calories Boost self-esteem

To make your orgasms more pleasurable you may want to try this Kegel exercise. Tighten the muscles in your pelvic area — like you would if you were trying to stop the flow of urine in the bathroom — Count 1, 2, 3 and then release. Repeat. This is a good exercise to do when you’re stopped at a traffic light.

If you have trouble reaching orgasm, you are not the only one …
If you think you are the only one that has trouble reaching orgasm, take heart. To read what we discovered, click here.

There’s also nothing wrong with trying a vibrator or different ‘sex toy.’ Click here to read this article that says: “Toys are totally normal, and great tools for enhancing your sex life, both solo and with a partner.”

Because having an orgasm can be difficult to reach, many women have told me they just don’t care anymore. It just might be your hormones or the day of the month or something else going on in your life. I encourage you to keep trying so you can reap not only the health benefits, but the enjoyment as well.

I recently had one woman sadly compare sex to going to the gym – You have to force yourself to go, but after you’ve gone you think “that wasn’t so bad.” There are many ways to spruce up your sex life – you just need to be open to learn!

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