Americans spend Billions yearly on unwanted gifts. Make your gifts count—make them special.

Looking for the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for the Women in your life who have everything?  Need a list of gift ideas for the women who have everything? Yup, we all do, so keep reading …

Everyone loves not only opening gifts but seeing their gift recipients open theirs.  A problem is that many people are then dreading putting all of these wonderful gifts away. Think about it. Our rooms are always full of “stuff.” Wouldn’t it be nice NOT to have  to reorganize after every holiday to make room for “things”? 

Your recipients will cherish and remember that their most favored gifts were gifts that could be used/consumed. So with that in mind, here is our gift list for you.

Keep scrolling down to see our recommended list of perfect, and sometimes practical, gifts for the women in your life who have everything! Plus they don’t add to the clutter of the Holiday!

Food and Beverage Items

Chocolate—for the chocolate lovers. Find out if they are a fan of dark, light, or white chocolate, and do they prefer nuts or no nuts. As an example, people that know me, know that Dark chocolate is my thing and the darker the better.

This one is on my list to try.

Jelly Bellies—find unusual flavors and combinations to create a unique gift. I just recently tasted key lime jelly bellies that were absolutely out of this world yummy.

Flavored Popcorns, Chocolate Popcorn, or even gourmet plain for people who love popcorn. Can I just say Chocolate, Carmel Popcorn?

Biscotti or Cookies—who doesn’t love a delicious biscotti or cookie. Now, the secret is to find out what kind your recipient is really fond of. I have a great recipe for you here.

Homemade or Specialty Breads or Muffins—the types and combinations are endless. Think pumpkin cranberry, banana chocolate chip, morning glory (combination of vegetables and fruits and is incredibly delicious!), your imagination is the limit. My family and I love this Pumpkin Spice Bread recipe.

Homemade Jams—I recently bought a fig jam at an event I was at and it was incredibly yummy! Would definitely buy this again for myself and as a gift.

Gourmet Favorite Coffee and/or Tea— if you want to pair this with a pretty coffee/tea cup, check out some choices by clicking here.

Infused Oils and Vinegars—take a trip to a specialty oil and vinegar store to see the massive variety of choices. Blueberry vinegar, different spiced oils, … they are all there not only for you to look at but to taste. Yup, they welcome your tasting the different varieties. It’s a fun experience.

Body Products

Body Lotion or Butter—great for any women who loves to have soft, silky skin. Even if they have a favorite brand they would love to try a new one. This one is on my list to get.

Soothing Cream— Edorai “O, So Nice!” Soothing cream is great for people not only with ailments but those in your life who are very active. Check out this page for ideas on who to gift this too.

Body Scrubs—With good scrubs you will feel the dryness smooth away. You’ll want to choose those that are as natural as possible, and select your recipients favorite flavors and scents. This Frosted Cranberry Sugar Scrub fits the bill for me, and sounds heavenly.

Foot Cream—Oh how lovely it is to have soft silky feet. Women love how the Edorai Soft, Silky Sensual Foot Cream makes their feet feel. It is definitely a favorite product!

Bath Bombs, oil, or salts—If the women in your life like to take a bath pre-bedtime, this bath salt truly will fit the bill.

Cozy Bamboo Cotton Nite Shirts—yes we know this isn’t consumable but it is such a favorite gift that we would be remiss not to mention it! We’ve got a wonderful bamboo cotton nite shirt that is made in the U.S.A. Most women have some issues associated with sleeping, so why not help them get a better nite’s sleep?

Home Products

Candles—Most candles sold in boutiques and department stores are made with paraffin, which is a petroleum by-product that may release harmful toxins into the air. Vegan Soy wax, however, is a great all natural alternative that not only burns longer and cleaner compared to paraffin wax, but is sustainable and made from American farmer-grown soybeans. We found these candles that not only are made with vegan soy wax, they have lead free wicks and use phtalate-free fragrances infused with essential oils. Put this all together and it makes for a candle that virtually releases no soot or smoke.

A JournalIt’s What You Do with the Dash is the perfect journal to write down inspirational sayings and thoughts.

Personalized note cards and stationery—there are a lot of companies to choose from whether offline in stores or online thru google or Etsy. No matter where you choose to shop (we do recommend supporting small businesses), know that women love to have personalized cards and stationery on hand. This shop on Etsy caught my eye but there are plenty of others to choose from as well.

Potpourri for your drawers—This is an underrated gift for sure. Women love to have nice smelling clothes and undergarments. Find out which scent she likes and include this as a gift. We found this example of already packaged potpourri for easy gifting. If you have time, you can also buy a larger supply and divide it among the little organza (or other) bags.

The Empress Cloth — Recommended last year and again because of all the accolades received. “For the environmentally and health conscious women in your life, this cloth is great to help get all the chemicals out of the home and save the environment. Because it is made of a durable fabric, the cloth can be washed and reused, hence, reducing waste in the environment. The Empress Cloth just needs to be wet, then wrung out, and then it’s ready to clean and wipe — this advanced generation of microfiber cloth polishes as it cleans with just water! Oh, and did we mention it’s also great for cleaning electronics and cars?” Get yours quickly here.

Yarn—If you have a woman in your life who knits as a hobby, they would be extremely appreciative of getting some yarn as a gift. You can never have too much if you enjoy knitting. Here’s a sampling of some hand-dyed yarn.

We take time with this guide to make sure it isn’t full of a lot of fluff, or items that only look good in your pinterest or instagram feed. Our goal is to give you a list of gifts and stocking stuffers that will put a smile on any woman’s face, and will be appreciated. They will make her feel treasured and love the skin she’s in!

What other consumable gift items do you likes to give or receive? Do tell … we’d love to know.