Fantasy and fantasy land are nice but we live in the real world. So, how can you change your life to make it more than just a happy fantasy?

I was stunned–I was having conversations about business with groups of friends and almost every conversation drifted to a ‘forbidden’ topic.

Woman after woman shared their sad story which revealed how dissatisfied they were with their sex lives. I was surprised and shocked.

But as I listened to their stories, I realized that they were speaking my own. Imagine waking up and discovering one day that your husband had lost all your money. Imagine that you woke up one day and had nothing left but your wits. And further imagine that a few years after your divorce he got in trouble and lost his license to work. You’re left with no alimony, no money, nothing but the clothes on your back.

This emotional and devastating roller coaster ride was now my life. I resolved that no women would end up in the same position as I was. Ever. Again.

My plan was to help women take control of their own lives. I could discuss marriage, divorce, financial stability and living a healthier lifestyle with ease.

Today, I live in one of the largest active adult communities in the world. It’s actually been in the news for largely exaggerated expressions of sexual behavior.

As I began down the road to empower more women, stories were told and confidences shared.

I was comfortable helping with the majority of their issues. But, the lack of satisfaction with their sex lives was not a topic I was comfortable with. I was stymied and didn’t know where to turn. That’s when I turned to my mentor, and shyly and cautiously asked him questions (you can read more about this here). I nearly fell over hearing some of the words he casually mentioned! He started telling me things I didn’t know and a whole new journey of exploration began. This was clearly way more than just fantasy!

I started researching Women and Sexuality.
I dug deep into the topic …

The more I dug in, the more I wanted to continue down this rabbit hole. But I discovered there was an interesting paradox. The women who were the most dissatisfied were the least likely to do something about it. They had given up.

So even though I found information that could be helpful for improving a woman’s sexual life, there persisted this nagging thought. She had to feel comfortable enough to go learn and try.

We all want the wild, wonderful fantasy sex we see in the movies and it makes us wonder. Is this what really takes place in other people’s bedrooms? Why isn’t sex that way for me? The thought that then follows for some is ‘I guess I’m different or there must be something wrong with me.’

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The fact is that barely acceptable or unsatisfactory sex is more the norm for most women. This is a truly sad commentary.

Most of us don’t know exactly what we want, and if we do know, we aren’t comfortable asking for it. I’ve heard many women say they don’t care if they ever have sex again, or ‘it’s not on the list of my favorite things.’ Yet, when asked if they would like to change things and increase their sexual enjoyment, their answer was Absolutely!

Having the fabulous sex life you deserve is now easier than you might imagine.

It’s time for you to have a better sex life–I can help …

  • I’ve learned–that when you know more you enjoy more
  • I now know there is a whole new world out there for women. A sensual world that most of us know little if anything about. A world that could enrich your sexual life and help you live life to the nth degree.
  • I’ve learned that with practice, things that were difficult for you to say become easy, and when you are comfortable speaking up, you enjoy more. Remember, when I initially was speaking with my friend, I could barely get the words out of my mouth. But now with some education and a whole lot of sensual self-esteem boosting, I have become comfortable and empowered.
  • I’ve learned that nobody knows how to have passionate, wonderful, fulfilling fantasy sex until they learn and practice. Why do we feel that we already know or should know this information? It’s not a conversation we were likely to have with our Moms!
  • The most important thing I’ve learned is that when you feel good about yourself sensually, the sky’s the limit… You feel more empowered, you begin to ask for what you need, and you begin to enjoy and expect a fulfilling sex life.

This can happen for you. What I’ve discovered can be your path to a more fun and enriched life! Picture yourself planning, and actually looking forward to, a fun nite of being playful and satisfied in the bedroom, or gasp shall I say even in the living room should you so desire. Life can be so much more than just a fantasy.

The first thing you need to do is Give Yourself Permission to learn, grow and become more playful in this area of your life!